Will we have a sequel for Horizon Zero Dawn . Know about the latest updates aboutthe games! What are the fan expectations and lot more!


    The release of Horizon Zero Dawn back in 2017 with PS4 was one of the most popular and successful games. Sony and Guerrilla Games enjoyed massive accomplishment, as millions of copies were sold. But after gaining so much popularity and fan base, the main question that lingers is, will we have a sequel?

    Well, we have been getting several hints for its comeback. Back in 2017, besides the launch of PS4, we also got the best selling game Horizon Zero Dawn. And now that the launch of PS5 is making room around the corner, we may suspect that the sequel will make a comeback later. Apart from that, the air was filled with suspicion when Herman Hulst shared a tweet about the construction of new studio space.

    Do we have a Release Date for Horizon Zero Dawn Season 2?

    In 2011 with the release of Killzone 3, the development of Horizon Zero Dawn also started. And the game went through several development stages. The information was kept a secret not until September when the concept was leaked. Sony, in 2015, finally announced the confirmation about the game.

    It took almost six and a half or seven years for the game to launch, and later in 2020, it was pone for Microsoft as well. Till now, we don’t have any information or official announcement about the sequel for Horizon Zero Dawn. Further, amidst the Global outbreak, it’s really difficult to suspect anything.

    What about the protagonist Aloy? Will we have her back?

    The fans still can’t get over the fierce personality of Aloy and want her back. In the game, Aloy is a nineteen-year-old woman who solved various quests, and it’s not easy for the players to forget her presence easily.

    Will Aloy make a comeback again in the frozen wilds? Well! If we see, Aloy is only 19 years and still has a lot of journeys to walk. Apart from that, Herman made a statement saying “obviously couldn’t tell the next chapter of the personal journey of Aloy.” with this statement, we may expect that she will return in the sequel with a new chapter.


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