Alyssa Milano defending Joe Biden amid his sexual assault allegation. Latest updates!


    Not every time criticism matters. People just mess with you; their thoughts try to manipulate the situation. But always we can’t go with a flow and as per others. Alyssa Milano did the same. She is still standing by Joe Biden despite all the allegations and criticism she is facing., what did she comment on this situation??

    She said, “I think when we get into a place of believing women, regardless of giving men due process, it actually does more harm to the moment than good.”

    Former Vice president Joe Biden is under sexual assault allegation where #metoo activist Alyssa Milano is standing for him. She believes men under sexual assault should be given due process.

    Is Alyssa Milano rational enough?

    Alyssa Milano never bombards the decision before going through the research and giant thought. She believes there are a lot of people who know him, including her and beloved ex-President Barrack Obama. Providing a chance of explanation to one gender only is impartiality and can lead to worst.

    In March, Tara Reade, in a podcast interview, confessed Biden had sexually assaulted her in 1993. Milano who just stood in Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh to “stand in solidarity” with one of his accusers, had been poked for being silent on allegations.

    How did Alyssa Milano come up with such a decision??

    Starting from the point of believing women, a person should start investigating and research on every part.  She called this a tricky situation. She never smears a woman who comes up with a story of the very emotionally intimate wound, but as per her, after investigation, she took the right move to say “I didn’t trust, trust me.”

    She said, “there’s no perfect moment…shit’s going to get Broken, and mud’s going to be slung, and all we can do is stay true to who we are and do the best job we can in investigating the allegations.”

    Things are dirty in the world and we need to see the truth and stand behind it instead of following the word from others.



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