Apple Inc. Finally DEVELOPING its OWN Mac processors, Mac Computers Powered By A14 processor Will Arrive By 2021


    California based tech giant, Apple Inc. is reportedly working on producing and eventually selling its widely popular Mac computers with their own chips or processors from next year. The upcoming iPhone would be powered by the A14 processor, which would later be used in the production of Mac computers.

    The company has already commenced working on the Kalamata project that aims to replace current Mac processors supplied by Intel Corp. with their own Mac processors, also called systems-on-a-chip. The company is currently working on three processors of its own based on the A14 processor (the same processor expected to be on the upcoming iPhone.)

    Out of these three projected processors, at least one will be used in the 2021 release of Mac computers. The processor that has been developed will be faster than the processors in the iPhone and iPad. The processor will feature 12-core CPU with eight high-performance cores and energy-efficient cores. These high-performance cores are called Firestorms, while the energy-efficient cores are called Icestroms.

    The development of the new ARM processors for Mac will be conducted by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the same company responsible for the development of current iPhone and iPad processors. The new chipset for ARM Mac will reportedly be based on a 5-nanometer production technique. The upcoming iPhones and iPad Pros will also use the same production technique.

    The main reason for Apple Inc. to develop its own in-house ARM processors is to have more control over their devices and subsequently increase the performance. Intel Corp. has reportedly failed to upgrade the performances of their chips with the Apple’s advancing next-gen hardware.

    Some reports claimed that Apple Inc. is trying to extend Mac processors with more than 12 cores in the near future. Apple’s current plan in their Mac processors will see the double or even quadruple of cores in comparison with Intel’s existing processors in Mac computers. However, the new in-house chips design by Apple can’t rival what Intel offers in high-end laptops like Macbook Pro, Mac Pro, and Macbook Air. Apple’s very own Mac processors will debut on brand new Apple laptop.


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