Chosen One: Release Date, Ratings and more. everything you need to know about the book!


    Carol Lynch Williams, a lady who lives in Utah with her family and graduated from the Vermont College MFA program has been greeted with the PEN award for writing dozen of books. Veronica Roth published her debut novel Chosen One

    Chosen One Release Date

    The book is already in the market since May 12, 2009. And proved his existence with a curious fan following. The book was published in the United States, belonging to the genre of young adults and romance.

    About Chosen One

    Taking about the book, the theme is little touchy to heart. The story revolves around a thirteen-year-old Kyra who has been living in an isolated community since birth, she saw different situations and conditions but never asked ‘why?’. Her father had three wives and she had twenty siblings, but she never asked ‘why?’.

    The prophet who leads them may be the complicated villain of their lives – when she finally met a boy Joshua and wanted him for her and for her love of reading forbidden books. Everything is about time, and she knew that very well.

    Another twist enters when the prophet decrees her to become the seventh wife of her sixty years old uncle and is horrified. Now the stopwatch begins; she needs to make a decision if she chooses herself, endangering the lives of others, or marry him and suffer for life.

    That thirteen-year-old needs to make a decision for life, living in that orthodox society is may not be her choice. There are a lot of quires one can come with. The book is written with a fact of life, the life of underprivileged we can look at point.

    Chosen One Rating

    The book got a 3.72 rating. The book is well written. The characters are brilliantly designed, and every character has its own special feature.






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