Google Pixel 4a: Release Date, Features and more. Does it live upto our Expectations?


    Google is all set to launch its new phone, Pixel 4a. It is the likely follow-up of Google’s last year’s Pixel 3a. Does this live up to our expectations and worth our money?

    It is being speculated that Google stopped selling Pixel 3 as to fuel the imminent launch of Pixel 4a. The new Pixel 4a is speculated to be launching in May during Google’s annual developer conference like it did for Pixel 3a.

    But due to the global pandemic outbreak, the conference got canceled. So it’s uncertain whether it will affect the launch of Pixel 4a or not. But it has been reported that Google uses the factories in Vietnam other than China and reportedly enter production sometime in April.

    All About Google Pixel 4a

    Now coming to the phone, it is being hinted that the price of Pixel 4a will start fro $399/Rs. 39,999. It is giving a tough competition to iPhone SE 2020 that launches in April. There are going to be three different colors for this phone, Black(with a green power button), White(with coral button), an Arctic Blue(with pink button). Pixel 4a is going to have a full plastic body; it will have a USB-C port. This phone is noticeably shorter than the Pixel 3a.

    Google Pixel 4a Features

    Like the two past phones Pixel 3a and 4, Pixel 4a will also have one front and two rear cameras. The rear cameras will be 12.2MP & 16MP each. And the front camera is expected to be 8MP. It is well known that Google’s Pixel is held for great photo processing software as one of its secret weapons. So we can easily put Pixel 4a on our best camera phones list. Pixel 4a will have two different CPU’s, Snapdragon 730 and Snapdragon 765.

    Though not many details about every feature are known yet, what we know so far, if enough to judge that it is going to be a great phone, if they can keep the price in a reasonable place, they can very well compete with the iPhone easily. If Google plays safe into the mid-range handset market, it will once again do very well.


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