Haikyuu Season 5: Release Date, Story, Cast, Trailer and more. Everything you should know!


    If you love a story based on sports and relationships, then you should watch Haikyuu. In this series, you will see action, heart touching moment, and competition among the players.

    Haikyuu series is a Japanese shonen manga series which is written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. Its first season was premiered on six September 2014. It starts with the ”Imagination” theme song. Till now, the fourth season with 13 episodes has been premiered.

    Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date

    The good news is that it has been renewed for the 5th season, which is going to hit July month 2020. But there is no confirmed release date yet. Its release date may be affected by COVID-19 because many serial, movie has been delayed.

    We should appreciate teamwork because any series which is coming with the 5th season is a very major deal. Team and creator know very well how to entertain their fans, and they know how to convert any simple story in a spicy one. You can watch the previous series on Netflix and Season 5 Trailer on Youtube.

    Haikyuu Season 5 Plot

    We saw Karasuno facing the opponent team after facing all the struggles to get an entry into the tournament. We also saw Tobio Kageyama and his opponent Shoyo Hinata, who love small Titan video game has emerged as the best Volleyball player.

    Meanwhile, Hinata was sneaking into the training camp of Tsukishima so that he can beat him in the tournament. We saw Hinata’s character as a learner. When the story goes further, they joined Karasuno senior high school and starting to face a different opponent group of Volleyball players.

    We saw all the necessary point and fact which makes this series so loveable, and we hope to see them more healthy fight and more sporty action in the upcoming season. So for the fans, they only need to do is waiting for upcoming information regarding the release date because we know the story is not ended yet.


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