If I Had Your Face – Novel by Frances Cha: Release Date, Author, Plot and more! Latest updates!


    Kpop is something which is flourishing all over the world like a hurricane but full of entertainment and positive vibes. It is not just flourishing through dramas or songs but also through books. One book that has some pop, especially that of a boy band flavor, is If I Had Your Face, book about four girls and the culture of Korea.

    The novel, If I Had Your Face is written by Frances Cha. She is one of the best writers in the world. The length of the book is 288 pages. It is published by Penguin UK 2020. The setting of the novel is in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

    If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha

    The release date of If I Had Your Face

    The book If I Had Your Faces is a story of four different women who want to fit in this world with their own circumstances. The price of this book is not so high, one can read this novel in pdf source as well because on this lockdown period as no one is allowed to go outside to buy a book so it is better to read it online and this novel is of $13.99 on Kindle.

    About author Frances Cha

    Frances Cha is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the Columbia MF Program. She worked at CNN in Seoul. She worked there as a Travel and a cultural reporter. Right now, she is living in New York City. She has written books like The Atlantic and The Believer.

    Frances Cha

    The plot of If I Had Your Face

    The story is about the four girls in Seoul. The first girl whose name is Kyuri, who does a job in Room Saloon. Room Saloon is a bar where Kyuri uses to entertain the guest, especially the men guest who is most probably the businessman. They get drunk. One of her clients threatens her for livelihood.

    The second is Miho, who is the roommate of Kyuri. Miho grew up in an orphanage who is a talented artist. She completed her college in New York City with a scholarship and now she is back in Korea. She had started an affair with Korea’s highest Company heir.

    The third one is Ara who is a hairstylist. She is the one who reflects the craziness of being a pop fangirl. She is. Obsessed with a pop boyband. She has a best friend who is saving money for plastic surgery. The last one is Wonna who is trying hard to get pregnant as she and her husband wants a child.

    The plot is interesting and full of enjoyment. One should read this book, not because it has a different flavor but also to know the culture of Korea.


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