Little Secrets – Novel by Anna Snoekstra: Release Date, Author, Plot and everything you should know!


    The best way to entertain our selves in this lockdown with a lot of improvement in wit and style are books. Books are the best to understand others and best to makes ourselves understand. Every genre of the book tells the story of a different person of different behavior. One such book or novel is Little Secrets.

    Little Secret is a novel written by Anna Snoekstra. The novel was originally published on 17 October 2017. It has a lot of mystery and suspense. It falls under the genre of psychological, thriller, mystery, and suspense. The whole story is fictional. The story is about a married couple who lost their only child, or their only child got kidnapped. The publisher of the book is MIRA Books, 2017. The length of the book is about 336 pages long.

    The cover of Little Secrets by Anna Snoekstra

    About the author – Anna Snoekstra

    Anna Snoekstra is an Australian writer who was born in Canberra in 1988. She studied at the University of Melbourne. She studied there about creative writing, which totally reflects in her book, and she also studied cinema. She lives in Melbourne. She is the author of the famous book called the Only Daughter. Her short films and music videos have screened all around the world. She has won many awards for her short fiction.

    Anna Snoekstra is holding her novel Only Daughter.

    The plot of Little Secrets

    The plot revolves around a married couple. The wife Marin married her love Derek who runs his company and is very rich. When it comes to Marin’s work, then she owns a hair salon. They both had a son together whose name is Sebastian.

    One day everything changes with the kidnapping of their only child, Sebastian. It’s already been a year, but they couldn’t found their son. The couple has lost the meaning in life, and now they don’t even talk frequently with each other.

    Derek is starting to have an affair with a girl younger than him. Her name is Kenzie Li. She already knew that Derek is married, but still, she starts an affair with him. It’s not the first time that she is dating a rich guy; she has already dated many for the gifts and money. She now wanted Derek to be the last of her affairs as she is getting serious about him.

    Soon Marin finds about the affair and starts a rivalry started between Marin and Derek. The suspense started when the story turned to a level where all the suspense of the kidnapping of Sebastian went to Kenzie. So is this right or something else? Well, one needs to read the whole story to break the suspense.

    The works of Anna Snoekstra.

    This book definitely excites the audience’s psyche. It is definitely not a one time read. The more we get into this story, the more suspense gets created.


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