“Cable Girl Season 5”: When We Will See The “Second Part” Of The Season?? What’s The Plot And Cast???


    A Spanish TV series by Netflix, Cable Girls, is a retro period Drama series, which revolves around the women power strengthening. It shows the fellowship and daily lives of four working ladies who are the lead protagonist of the show.

    Set up in Madrid, the show depicts the era of the 1920s and shows the four ladies working in the Television Broadcasting company. Each and every lead in the series shows a great frame of kinship and a solid bond with each other. It is a season drama internet television series based on the past times, broadcast on Netflix.

    Season 1 was released in April 2017, comprising of 8 episodes, & the second season released in December 2017 and third season released in 2018 and the fourth season in August 2019. All set to make a come back with the fifth installment of the show Cable Girls, audience & fans are excited to see it.

    "Cable Girl Season 5": When We Will See The "Second Part" Of The Season?? What's The Plot And Cast???

    Release Date

    The show received decent ratings with acceptance across the people, with all the season loved by the audience. The production crew has decided, Season 5, as the Finale season of Cable Girls. Season 5 of Cable Girls show will be in two portions, with the first half released in February 2020. The second half is assumed to release in mid-2020 or the end of 2020; no official announcement is yet made.

    Cast List

    1. Nadia de Santiago as Maria Inmaculada Suárez Pazos.
    2. Antonio Velázquez as Cristobal Cuevas Moreno
    3. Ana Fernàndez as Carlota Rodriguez de Senillosa
    4. Ángela Cremonte as Elisa Cifuentes
    5. Blanca Suárez as Lidia Aguilar Davilla
    6. Martiño Rivas as Carlos Cifuente
    7. Ana Polvorosa as Oscar Ruiz
    8. Denisse Peña as Angeles’ little girl Sofia


    The Plot of Season 5

    The show is based on the 1920s; it is now between the time period 1936-1939, will see Lidia at a good pace.

    Sofia gets recruit in War; in the end, the gathering of four ladies will observe as Sofia coming back from the war.


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