“One Punch Man Season 3”: Will “Saitama” Found Someone More Challenging?? Get The Latest Updates on Renewal!!!


    The Japanese manga Webcomic series, One Punch Man, is about to be back with the third season. The idea of making it as an anime series came from the time when the Webcomic became a huge success after its publication.


    As the title itself says, the plot is about a superhero named Saitama who has the ability to beat anyone of his opponents with just one punch. Even though he is capable of beating any of those, he is not satisfied with it as there is no challenge in fighting with them. Hence, he goes in search of a fighter who can make the fighting more enthusiastic and challenging.

    Now that’s one hell of a story, right? And there is no reason for any of the viewers to dislike it. The first season of One Punch Man got released long back in 2015, and after a long gap of four years, the second season was released. Now, fans are wondering if the upcoming season will be back soon, or will it be too late. 

    "One Punch Man Season 3": Will "Saitama" Found Someone More Challenging?? Get The Latest Updates on Renewal!!!

    Well, this article will provide all the details that you need to know about the third season of One Punch Man.

    When Will Season 3 Get Released?

    The release date is not officially announced yet. However, we can expect it by the end of 2021. This means fans will not have to wait for too long.

    Is There A Trailer For season 3?

    Yes. There is a trailer and is given below.


    What’s The Plot For Season 3?

    Well, we can expect Saitama is defeating his opponents as usual with one punch in the upcoming season. But there is lots of stuff that we are still left to see. 

    The second season ended in a confusing way but made fans eager more than ever. We will also find challenging fighters that Saitama will be facing as he is seeking for those. 

    Nothing much can be said about the upcoming season, but it’s a sure thing that it will reveal more of Saitama’s power.


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