“Conditional Citizens” By “Laila Lalami” Depicts How Difficult It Is To Be An American Citizen!!!


    Laila Lalami, in her book, portrays how it is to live as an American citizen and how she struggled in gaining her citizenship. She being a Morrocan immigrant, had to face difficulties in her journey to be an American citizen. She used this as the starting point to explore everything associated with American citizenship traditionally. She dives deep into the history, literature, and politics. The book explains how factors such as race, gender, and origin that determined American citizenship still haunts present America.

    Lalami sadly points out how white supremacy survives through all the issues. As a result of the caste system, the white ones remain at the top of the social hierarchy.

    "Conditional Citizens" By "Laila Lalami" Depicts How Difficult It Is To Be An American Citizen!!!

    Conditional citizens portray Lalami’s own experiences and incidents that happened in her life. It also explores the lives of non-whites in American culture.

    About Laila Lalami – Who is She?

    Laila Lalami is a signature of well educated and intelligent personality. Her remarkable works include “Secret Son.” “The Moor’s Account” won various awards.  Her works bagged numerous awards and were showered with praises and compliments by critics as well as the readers. She is a true inspiration who has bench-marked her level of excellence. Her journey of life can show nothing less than a warrior’s battle for victory. Her works will always remain pieces of remarkable works forever. Instances from history blended with present reality have resulted in a unique and fine piece of work for the readers to read.

    "Conditional Citizens" By "Laila Lalami" Depicts How Difficult It Is To Be An American Citizen!!!

    The Book

    The book includes eight essays that explore the real meaning of citizenship in 21st century America. The brave and realistic instances pictured by the author is a freshly provocative work that is apt for our present times. Like her, all other works her new book has not failed to meet the expectations. Blending reality and real-life instances, the novelist has done a great job of depicting every aspect of life as an American citizen.


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