Who got better games in the social networking sphere?? Many say Facebook is better than other sites!! What is your opinion about it???


    Social networking game is played through a social network. Social networks maybe Facebook, Twitter, and many more. It allows multiplayer Games and browser games. Social networks used to casual games.

    Popular Games:

    The first Network which supported to play Game on Facebook by using the cross-platform. some  Famous games which played by many people are Green patch, Happy form, Farm town, YoVille, Mob War by millions of player.

    Major companies:

    Because of the popularity and many players, many Major companies Published there Games in Social Networks. Big companies are Zynga, wooga, good game studio, 5 minutes, Play fish, Crowdstar, Mega zebra, and many more game companies.

    Monetization games:

    Some games use virtual money transaction games. For example, stock market Games, in the Game the player is provided by virtual money it may be lakhs or crores. The player can buy stocks or sell stocks using virtual money. This platform provides knowledge to the player about the stock market.

    Actually, by not using real money, the player will know the real Game of the stock market. By using this knowledge he can apply in the real stock market world.

    Social Awareness game:

    Some games are developed to provide Awareness. For example,’ Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers ‘which allows the player to know about the theme of the Disney park. This Game also includes, the players need to create their habitat. They need to find the hidden elements and preserve the nature of their habitat.

    Some special features Games:

    Public player statistics games are mafia wars, icy tower, and social Empires.

    Tick based games are Farm Ville, Parking Wars, and live social games.

    Pottering games are Frontier Ville, The sims, and kantai collections.

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