The Beauty Of Your Face: Release Date, Plot, Ratings and more. Everything you should know!


    With the most anticipated book of 2020, amazing idea, stunning simplicity, emotions, and realistic fictional characters, Sahar Mustafa is back!

    The Beauty Of Your Face Release Date 

    Book by Sahar Mustafa was expected to be in the market by April 7, 2020. The hardcover for the same is on the website. Interested readers can easily place an order for the emotionally overwhelming book. As per the assumption, the title is so poetic that it connects religion and politics with the face of the community.

    The Beauty Of Your Face Plot

    The Beauty Of Your Face is unique. The story revolves around Palestinian American women who show how the country is even more divided. The book begins with her father, the principal of Murrideen School for Muslim girls in Chicago when one morning she heard a shooter attacked the school.

    She stood restlessly, and all those buried memories were back to her. What she faced in her past was horrifying. The writing takes us to her childhood, where her mother dreamt of going back to Palestine. She lost her elder sibling when she was just 10. The disappearance of her older sister ripped off their family. Her father took to alcohol when she entered her teenage. A new chapter began, an instance of a car crash, turning the faith towards the Islamic community.

    Very commonly experienced note you leave the city, but the city never leaves you. Distance from your loved ones can create fear for future relationships and incidences. The very same happened to the lady. Undefined emotions, religions, cast, terror, facts, humanity, new city – the book is fully packed with virtual facts.

    The Beauty Of Your Face Ratings 

    The book on races, religion, and political affairs got a very good rating of 4.7 which indicates the popularity of the writer and her story.




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