Third generation AirPods could launch in May! How much true is this news?? To get to know all of these read below!!


    Launch date:

    Third generation Airpods is planned to release in March 2020 along with apple’s new product. Due to COVID-19, the launch had been delayed and planned to launch on upcoming days, but they no official announcement of the date.

    This information is collected from Jon Prosser. As he tweeted that New Airpods will need to be released on the march is ready to launch. He also added this launch would be along with the launch of MacBook Pro.

    Mr.prosser tweeted that the launch is planned to happen next month. He tweeted this on April 19, 2020. So the 3rd Generation aired launch is expecting to occur in May 2020.

    Previous model features:

    First Generation Airpods launched on December 13, 2016. The features of these Airpods are the Built-in microphone, and it can eliminate noise. It consists of built-in Accelerometers and an optical sensor which can detect the tap, by double-tapping it will make a pause. It will also stop the audio when Airpods is out of the ear.

    It has an apple W1 system on chip (soc). First-generation Airpods supports Apple devices such as IOS 10, macOS Sierra, Watch OS, or 3. It also supports Bluetooth 4.0 and higher, Windows laptops and Android devices.

    It has five hours of charge of durability, and for 15 mins of charge, it can hold three hours of charge.

    Second Generation:

    The second Generation Released on March 20,2019. All electronic circuits are placed on the head of the Airpods, and the battery is stored on the tube of the battery.

    It has some updated features such as H1 SOC and hands-free access to Siri, Bluetooth 5.

    Second Generation Airpods supports wireless charging and charged by Qi charger. Charger for AirPods needs to buy separately. To know more information and the latest information, stay connected with union journalism.



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