Warner Bros choosing Jim Carrey Mask 3 ?? What are the makers saying about this news? Who are in the Cast?? All you need to know is here!!


    Mask Movie is adapted from the comic book, which is published by Darkhorse comics. This movie is directed by Chuck Russell and Released on July 29,1994. Hero of this movie is Jim Carrey act as a Stanley Ipkiss.

    The duration of this movie is 101 minutes, and the Language of the movie is English. The distributor of the movie is Newline cinemas. The budget of the movie is 23 million dollars, and its gross revenue is 351.6 million dollars.

    Story of Mask 3 

    This movie is about Stanley Ipkiss, a clerk in the bank by profession, and he was teased by everyone except his best friend and Jack Russell Terrier Milo. Stanley was in love with Tina, she a singer by profession.

    Tina is a girlfriend of Dorian Tyrell, a gangster, and he owns a Coco Bongo nightclub. Once Tyrell sent his girlfriend to the bank to bring the layout of the bank. Stanley was a clerk of the same bank; he felt love by seeing in First look.

    He followed tina till the night club, but unfortunately, he couldn’t be entering into the club. He sat on a desk, where he said a wooden mask and tried to his face. He transformed into the Green face with some powers.

    When some people tried to harm him, with his power, he fought against them. Stanley went to see tina performances, Tyrell was in preparation to rob the bank.

    "Mask 3" Is On Table For Plan??? Is "Jim Carrey" Returning To Play Her Acclamined Part Again???

    As Stanley was in mask kissed the tina at the end and left by leaving his suit tore cloth, and Tyrell was arrested as a suspect of bank robbery by the Kellaway. Tyrell tells Kellaway Stanley is also part of the team, and he got arrested. To know the remaining story watch the mask movie.

    This movie is continued by sons of the mask. To know more information and the latest updates, stay connected with union journalism.





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