“Homecoming Season 2”: Will “Julia Roberts” Be Back To Continue Her Stint On Small Screen? Get The Updates On Release Date, Plot Too!!!


    The American Psychological thriller series Homecoming will be back for a season 2. The series, which made its arrival in 2018 November, will have its sequel over a year after its first season.

    Homecoming revolves around a social worker Heidi Bergman who works as a waitress in the present. What we focus on in the series is regarding her past. Four years earlier, she worked in a facility which aimed at bringing soldiers back to their normal life. Soldiers would face emotional trauma after their encounters in various conflicts. So, Heidi and the rest of those in the facility tried to incorporate them into society. Or rather, this was the reason they had known. But at present, the US Department of Defence begins an inquiry regarding the facility leading her to raise suspicions about the true nature of the project. What follows make up the plot of the series.


    Homecoming came out on November 2, 2018, and opened up to positive reviews. The series got a staggering score of 98% from Rotten Tomatoes. Metacritic followed the trend with an 83. The series did make headlines prior to its release. Of course, Julia Roberts’ entry into the small screen in a titular role can’t be ignored. But Amazon Prime might not have expected such a reception from viewers and critics alike.


    The wonderful reception the series got encouraged them to go for a renewal. The series was originally planned for two straight seasons. The second season will be here on May 22, 2020.

    Amazon Prime has released a teaser for the new season. Well, the news that Janelle Monae will replace Julia Roberts as the lead role surprised many. The next one which came along was that Sam Esmail wouldn’t be at the director’s seat this season. But both of them will be there in the series on the production team. So, We don’t have much to worry about.

    Many doubted that the series would be postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. But as the release has been confirmed, all we have to sit back and wait. Let’s hope that the new season will turn out even better than the first.


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