Is “Netflix” Bringing “Stranded Season 2” Or It’s Just Cancelled?? Get The Latest Of Updates On Renewal!!!


    The Netflix Thai series Stranded will probably be back for a second season. As the name suggests, the series revolves around a group of teenagers who are stranded or rather trapped on an island.

    The students are from an elite school in the mainland and are at the island to celebrate the end of their school. But, obviously, that’s when the disaster struck. A Tsunami hits the island, making it impossible to return. But they have to try their best to get back. And that’s the main plot of the series.

    But as we got more and more into the series, we figure out there are some mysteries surrounding the island. We also feel the same regarding some of the students. But we have to wait till the next season to let the mysteries unravel.

    Is "Netflix" Bringing "Stranded Season 2" Or It's Just Cancelled?? Get The Latest Of Updates On Renewal!!!

    Netflix has played a huge part in the so-called globalization of the entertainment industry. They have brought much local content into the mainstream. This includes both English and non-English productions. Series such as YOU, which had a low viewership, was brought, and now its numbers are huge.

    Similarly, Money Heist was a flop Spanish series, which with a few changes that Netflix brought about, is now a global phenomenon. This has happened with many other series. Netflix has brought in a variety of contents realizing its potential in a global platform. The same is what’s happening with Stranded.

    Is "Netflix" Bringing "Stranded Season 2" Or It's Just Cancelled?? Get The Latest Of Updates On Renewal!!!
    The Stranded 2


    Yes, the series doesn’t have much critical acclaim. Many critics criticize it for the usual storyline that the series follows. But among the viewers, the reception has been somewhat acceptable. Many of them actually love it. And in the manner the first season ended, we can expect a renewal.

    If it comes out, the next season will be here along with the beginning of 2021. It might have been earlier, but the recent pandemic has ensured a change of plans. But, the recent string of series cancellations from Netflix offers a doubt about the renewal. And there hasn’t been any official announcements about its fate. So, I guess we have to wait a bit more to find out. Stay tuned!!


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