Will the Popular Japanese Anime Ace of Diamond Return for Season 4? Get the Latest Updates Here!


    Who hasn’t heard of the gigantic and sensational Japanese anime Ace of Diamond? Barely any hands raised, I guess!

    Ace of Diamond has been on the top of the watchlist of all anime-lovers since the release of its first episode on October 6, 2013. The viewers have now gone crazy for another season after watching the white-knuckling/nail-biting ending of season 3. But will we have a season 4? Let’s read about it in this article.

    Ace of Diamond Season 4: When Will It Release?

    The ending of season 3, which was titled Ace of Diamond Act II, definitely teases for season 4. Although the first two seasons were launched without a break from 2013-2016, the fans had to wait for three long years for season 3. Madhouse, the production company of the anime, hasn’t spilled any beans for the next season. There are multiple projects for the productions in the line before the makers can focus on the next installment of the series.

    So, it’d be accurate to say that the next season will not come out before 2021. It can get delayed further, but we’ll have the season sooner or later.

    There’s no official trailer for season 4 given to us until now.

    What’s the Story of Ace of Diamond Season 4

    Season 3 concluded halfway between a baseball match as the game was called in at 8-0, and the team of Seidou High enters into the fifth round! So, the next season will pick the story up right from that moment so that we can finally have a sigh of relief. The makers haven’t revealed the plot for the next season, but the manga on which the anime is based is so huge that it gives plenty of room for a couple of seasons more!

    Moreover, the season will again show the endeavors of Eijun Sawamura to be the top-notch player of his team, transcending all the obstacles in his way. Undoubtedly, the next season will be as fun as all its predecessors and give us a story like never before!

    What’s the Anime Ace of Diamond Season 4 about?

    Ace of Diamond is based on a Japanese shonen baseball manga series of the same name. The manga is illustrated and written by Yuki Terajima, while all the seasons of the anime were directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara.

    The anime covers the story of a prodigious baseball player Eijun Sawamura who excels in pitching. While seeking a big breakthrough, he gets selected in the baseball team of Seidou High school but then aims to be the best player in his team as well as in his region. To get that title, he not only plays against different teams in tournaments but tries to be better than his own teammates. The show has received loads of love from its fans globally. Hopefully, season 4 will also come up to all our expectations.


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