Is Manga Series “Prison Schoo” Getting A Sequel?? Get The Latest Updates On Release Date, Plot, Cast!!


    Prison School is all set to release its season 2. It is a Japanese manga series which is already done with its first season, and the next is on the door to surprise its targeted audience, although there is no official announcement and also no teaser and trailer was proclaimed. Series follows the sex comedy, and it was written and illustrated by Akira Hiramoto.

    Its first show was released in 2015, and the series enjoy the fan’s love. They score 7.6/10 by IMDb.

    Here are the details of the upcoming second season of “Prison School.”

    Release date

    The official announcement date for Prison School season second has not been proclaimed yet. Also, due to lockdown because of COVID-19, we can expect a delay then the makers would have planned.

    Is Manga Series "Prison Schoo" Getting A Sequel?? Get The Latest Updates On Release Date, Plot, Cast!!The first season turned to a very successful, so we expected to come very soon. However, no trailer was released by the authorities.

    Expected Cast

    We wish to see Taishi Nakagawa as Kiyoshi Fujino, Tokio Emoto as Takeshita Morokuzu, Masato Yano as Shingo Wakamoto, Daiki Miyagi as Joji Nezu, Galigaligalixon as Reiji Ando and also assume to see many new faces in the show.


    The story of the first season focuses on the school days of a kiosk and her friends. In his school, there were so many protocols, and Compliance with this rule is the main goal. The strength in the class holds the girl in the majority in comparison to boys. So, boys have to face many problems.

    They can’t socialize with girls. Once the gang of five boys goes to the bathing area of the school, and they were caught by the school authorities. Generally, there are many threats. However, this can change because the President has changed.


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