How excited are you for Clique Season 3?? What are the gossips that are revolving around the show?? Lets see them all here!!!

The genre of Clique is a thriller. It is a British television series which first had released on BBC 3. People all around the World loved the show because it has a very distinct storyline. Also, it is full of different dark and mysteries in the series.

All the people who have acted get a very different and clever role, which makes the movie full of suspense and interesting stuff. The creator of the series is Jess Brittain.


The show came on the date of March 5, 2017. Season 1 had six episodes for the audience. Also, the audience got another season on November 10, 2018. Also, the show is popular because of the topics they take on like politics or the aggressive nature of people.

Well, this highly rated show deserves another season after its great response received by the audience. The themes and genre help and make people understand more about the dark side of the World.

However, there is no official announcement by BBC about season 3.


The lead role of the series is given to Synnove Karlsen. She is going to play Holly McStay. Shirley is played by Rachel Hurt-Wood. A really nice companion of Holly, Rachel Maddox is very outstanding at reading the people. However, along with this cast, there are more people like Ella Smith and Sophia, who are also going to be part of the great series.

However, looking at the trends, every season introduces the new cast. Hence, this season too, may have some new faces for us to see.


The storyline is based on a 19-year-old girl, Holly. She is a compassionate person. She also has a good friend with the name Georgia, and they are planning to join the University of Edinburgh. However, every college has some captivating groups of girls. Holly gets drawn to them and plans to join them. Also, Holly too goes with them.

Both best friends suddenly find themselves around a very rich society and lots of parties. But, they have unlocked a dark truth about the society which may be dangerous for them.

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