Sonic sequel will star Ben Schwartz as the blue hedgehog?? Know all the news about the movie here!!


    Sonic, the Movie was a surprise after it hit theatres. It was a pretty good movie for a video game adaptation. When it released on 14th November 2020, it becomes the highest-grossing video game movie after Detective Pikachu. Its success has left screen wide open for a sequel. The sequel is hinted at the after credits of the movie, where we see Tails emerging from a portal in search of Sonic.Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and All the Latest News about the Sequel!

    The Cast of Sonic

    The cast of the movie is supposed to be the same as the previous one in addition to some new character. We will have Ben Schwartz as the blue hedgehog from a different world who faces against Dr. Robotnik, who is acted out by Jim Carrey. The other lead of the film is James Marsden as Thomas Michael “Tom” Wachowski, who is a park ranger and Sonic’s friend.

    The other cast will be including Donna Jay Fulks, who voices Longclaw and Colleen Villard as the voice of Tails. However, addition if new members can also take place!!

    The Plot of Sonic

    We will likely see the return of Dr. Robotnik as the adversary in the sequel. We might also see the crystals play a major role in the Movie. Other than this there has been no confirmation from the studios

    Updates about Sonic

    Jim Carrey, who plays as the evil Dr. Robotnik, believes that there is scope for more development of the character.

    “I wouldn’t mind getting to do another one because it had been such as lot fun, first of all, and a true challenge to undertake to convince folks that I even have a triple-digit IQ… There’s such a lot room, you know, Robotnik has not reached his apotheosis”- Actor Jim Carrey.


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