Godzilla vs Kong who will win!! To know it all see the upcoming movie. Know the Release Date, Cast, Plot and many more interesting facts!!

We will get to see the fights and competition between the two legends Kong and Godzilla soon! The production has confirmed the news. However, there seems to be a lot of delay in production. When released, it will be a good watch of battle among the legends.

However, as the MonsterVerse has not been doing good, this movie will be a crucial turn over point for them. This movie should be a good one for them to survive.


The movie was first aimed to release in March 2020, which has further delayed to 20 November 2020. Moreover, there has not been any new news about postponing the date. So let’s hope the movie releases in November as per plan, and everyone gets a nice treat.


As far as we know, the director of the movie is Adam Wing. The screenplay head is Terry Rossio, who also screenplay great movies like Pirates of the Caribbean.

The excitement increases when some of the great actors and actresses act in the movie. Millie Bobby Brown has a lead role; she was also seen in the popular series Stranger Things. Kyle Chandler will be seen as Mark Russell.

Also, some more actors like Jessica and Rebecca also can be seen acting in it.

Zhang Ziyi is coming back with the role of Dr. Ilene Chen. He is a Titan Mythologist.

However, there is no such news of Skull Island members are there in the movie or not. Moreover, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, may join the cast in some role. The actors like Elle and Food are also a part of the movie.


The greatest legends are going to have a faceoff in the movie with a lot of action to come!


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