Julia Alvarez’s Afterlife is all you have been longing to read. Plot and everything else you need to know!


    Julia Alvarez’s work has been aimed at children and teens for most years after she published her first book for the young readers in 2001. However, there is going to be Julia Alvarez’s first adult book – Afterlife, since the last that she published her travel memoir – A Wedding in Haiti in 2012. The book got published by the Algonquin books on April 7, 2020.

    All About Afterlife

    Afterlife is a fiction based book that has received quite a good rating and popularity among the readers. The book is written in English and is in really high order as the fans wait to explore the new genre by their favorite author. It is available for purchase in the US, and some online commercial sites have also promised their consumers to make the book available for them.

    The story has views on politics while also focussing on the responsibilities and duties to be followed by an individual towards their families. It also deals with the dilemma and problems one has to suffer after something unexpected happens, and one has no choice to dwell upon them forever but to be back to normal life as it was before any such incidents occurred.

    Afterlife Plot

    The story of the book revolves around the life of Antonia Vega – an immigrant writer and the sufferings she thrives through after her beloved husband – Sam dies. She doesn’t seem to have much left in her life when soon her sister disappears too. All the support seems to have been taken away, and she has no meaning of life, spending her retirement all alone by herself. As she realizes that all the doorsteps are closed, soon, a pregnant teenager decides to help her through and find a new profession she loves as she always wanted to be on the path of literature.

    Mrs. Vega had undergone numerous problems, and she didn’t even have a supportive family. Regardless of this, all she kept trying and learning and stood strong to face everything that came her way. The book is a blend of several emotions, and as the name suggests, the Afterlife shows all the colors of life and everything that follows after every incident in one’s life.

    Julia Alvarez is known for some commendable work, and fans cannot be more excited to explore her style of writing after so long!


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