Makers Spoke Of A New Cast Ensemble For “Knives Out 2”: See Who’s In Who’s Out?? 


    Knives Out is an American mystery film that was released in 2019. It was written and directed by Rian Johnson, and was produced by Johnson and Ram Bergman.

    Knives Out are one of the hit movies of 2019. After this release, fans were expecting for its second part. Now, here is the news for its sequel. The Makers of this film has announced that there will be a sequel for this movie.

    The penning for this movie is again under the direction of Rian Johnson. However, the script is not yet ready, and no production is started for it, but confirmation is there that Knives Out 2 is happening.

    Makers Spoke Of A New Cast Ensemble For "Knives Out 2": See Who's In Who's Out?? 

    Read below for more details.

    Release Date

    There is no such official announcement for the release of Knives Out 2. We cannot expect this movie before 2021 because the writing for this movie isn’t started, and we cannot say when this movie will be ready for its release.

    We will update you with the same.

    Cast and Plot

    Makers Spoke Of A New Cast Ensemble For "Knives Out 2": See Who's In Who's Out?? 

    There is no official confirmation for the cast of Knives Out 2. In a recent interview, Rian Johson talked about the making of Knives Out 2. He disclosed his plans for the cast of the movie. Rian Johnson said that they would make a new star cast for the new movie. Daniel Craig is the only star who will return with this sequel. Daniel will play the role of Detective Blanc.

    Rian Johnson said that he follows Agatha Christie for his movies, and this time it may be possible that the movie will be inspired by ABC Murders. So, Rian must be planning a more mysterious film.

    Rian Johson also said that Knives Out 2 would not have any connection with the original Knives. There will be a new murder mystery for Detective Blanc.

    We will keep you updated.


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