So, Everything you need to expect from the upcoming season of Better Call Saul. From it’s Release date, Plot to all other details!!


    “Breaking Bad,” A real masterpiece and fans really enjoyed it all the way to end. The series has become such a cult classic that we have a spin-off “Better Call Saul,” which has also become a hit series on AMC.

    So, What’s new in Better Call Saul??

    “Better Call Saul,” The series has already able to get four mind-blowing seasons, which has created an impact on fans from all over the world. So, now it seems that season 5 is on its way. So, here’s what everything you need to know about the new season.

    The series has been set to release on 23rd February and with that in mind. You can expect the kind of excitement people are having right now. It’s going to be just wonderful, and the fact that the series is going to be released in the USA first must be killing the UK.

    But, The 6th season is going to be the last. So, people, it’s the second last time we are going to confront Saul. The lawyer who is almost totally fake.

    The trailer of the series is out, and most of it is filled with music, which makes it quite hard for people to guess what’s coming next, but still, you can grasp some part of it.

    The Essentials of Better Call Saul

    The cast is going to remain the same, which means the old guys and gals are going to wait for you to visit the season 5 and to make another season memorable.

    The storyline was something that took a while for us to understand what was really going on out there, but we will see Saul Goodman in action will be making people believe that he is a criminal lawyer. Others don’t know that he is just a con man. So, It looks like there will be more than just a con man and a real enthusiast will be there.


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