Wasteland 3 delayed amidst the Corona Virus Outbreak. Know about the latest details and information about it!!


    The 1988 science-fiction role-playing game will be back again! After gathering success for Wasteland 2. Inxile Entertainment in September accounted for the renewal of Its sequel. Unlike Wasteland land 2. This time its sequel is being developed by using the Unity game engine.

    Initially, when the game was released back in 1988, it was successful and also criticized. But the immense reception and love from fans outweighed the critics. And it won several awards, including the Adventure Game Of The Year award.

    In the previous sequel wasteland 2. The game took place in the High and low deserts of Arizona and  Los Angeles, the largest city in California (U.S). This time the upcoming role-playing video game Wasteland 3 will take place in the freezing wastelands of Post-apocalyptic Colorado. 

    The Gameplay of Wasteland 3

    Like the previous sequel, Wasteland 3 will be role-playing action combat, squad-based game. It will be played from an isometric point of view as earlier. And the game will feature multiple players in an open environment along with choices for the mission. In the game, the players have to choose from different choices impacting the virtual world and the story.

    They are provided with a vehicle to collect store supplies from the transverse world. Wasteland 3 will also feature a deep and engaging storyline by utilizing a new dialogue system that is fully voiced. Further, the main campaign can be played cooperatively with another player.

    Release Date of Wasteland 3

    The game was to be released in 2019, but due to various reasons, it was postponed. But finally, after various scheduling and delay, Wasteland 3 is set to release on August 28, 2020. And the official trailer was already out in 2019.

    Platforms in which Wasteland 3 will be available

    The game will be available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. And this time, the fans will get more quality in graphics. As gaming will be updated on a new level for which they have been working for.

    Can you Pre-Order the game Wasteland 3?

    Yes, you can pre-order the game as some of the sites are providing bonuses as well. Which further includes upgraded gear to give you a head start on the wasteland.

    • A ranger General’s Hat and Glasses
    • Polished Ranger Badge
    • And Snow Camp Weapons

    You all guys can enjoy the game once it comes to you.


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