Will Jason Mamoa be able to ” See” his fate? Know about the Release Date and latest updates about See Season 2!!!!!!!!!!!


    In this 21st century, when humans have almost lost faith and sight of each other. Steven Knight has written a Sci-fi Web drama surrounding a distant future where the human civilization has lost their sense of sight. And they seek different ways to interact and survive. The series is named “See,” and it is directed by Francis Lawrence.

    The first Season premiered on November 1, 2019, and it is originally produced for Apple TV. Although it got a critical reception with an Imbd rating of 4.5/10. And 43% approval from Rotten Tomatoes still managed to attract an audience and is eventually renewed for a second season.

    See Season 2 Release Date

    On November 1, 2019, it was officially confirmed for the renewal of the series. Although the Release Date has not been announced yet. But the series may be out anytime at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

    About the Series (Plot) and future expectations

    The series follows the life of Voss, a chieftain of the Alkenney tribe. And pregnant women named Maghra Who are entwined by destiny. When one day, the women seek shelter for Voss, they end up marrying each other.

    But this is not it (spoiler alert which has not seen the 1st Season). To their utter surprise, the twins have been bestowed with the gift of sight. Which means they can see. They are the only ones out of the human race and tribe who can see. Further, in the series, they are named Kofun and Hanigan.

    Like every other Story, there is always a Villian who is never satisfied with his own life. However, in this series, there is an evil queen of an opposite tribe who wants the twins. And hence mess begins to capture the children.

    In this resilient situation, when everything seems dark and not even metaphorically. Voss has to depend on his own instinct to save his children. This emotional and heart-clenching scene will move anyone.

    But the last Season leaves us in a cliffhanger when the queen accounts for the suicide of Tamacti. And leaves Maghra in deep anticipation about her family and her daughter Haniwa. Will Voss be able to save Haniwa in the Second Season?

    See Season 2 Cast 

    The main lead will reprise their role. Jason Mamoa (Baba Voss), Hera Hilmar as ( Maghra), Sylvia Hoeks (Queen Kane). Archie Madokwe (kofun) and Nesta Cooper (Haniwa).


    Other casts may also join the second Season, but there is no official confirmation yet, about the casts.



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