Is it true that Kate Beckinsale is returning for Widow Sequel?? Know the truth and what the makers have to say about it here!!


    Originally streamed on the 1st of march back in 2019 on Amazon Prime. It was produced by Harry and Jack Williams, which follows Kate Beckinsale as the lead. The show scored 56% on Rotten tomato, not that bad but not that good for a sequel either.What Has Put "The Widow" On Cancellation Mode After "Season 1" Only: It Is Getting Renewed Now??

    The Cast of The Widow 

    The cast of the show includes Kate Beckinsale as Georgia Wells, the Widow of Martin Benson, played by Charles Dance. He was lying about his death and lived a secret life in Rwanda. The rest of the cast includes Alex Kingston as Judith Gray, Babs Olusanmokun as General Azikiwe, and finally Shalom Nyandiko as Adidja, Who has parent-daughter relations with Georgia wells. However, we may also see some new faces!

    The Plot of The Widow 

    The story follows the trails of Kate Beckinsale as Georgia wells as she finds out that her supposedly dead husband is still alive. After seeing on a news telecast from Congo. She decides to find out the truth behind the disappearance of her husband named Martin Benson, played by Charles Dance.

    The last episode ended with her finding out about the crimes of her husband as a smuggler, along with his new life in Rwanda with his new child.

    Updates on the sequel of The Widow

    According to the William brothers, their interviews have confirmed that there will be no sequel. They said

    “By the time we get to the end, it’s a one-off. It’s very satisfying. There’s no secret pilot. There’s no following season.

    “It’s really exciting for the eight parts, it’s almost like a movie.”

    The two brothers have added that “I think there isn’t scope for more.” So, inclusion there won’t be a widow 2



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