Winter Is Coming: The Winds of Winter by George R. R. Martin – Release Date, Characters and more. Here’s everything you need to know!


    The Winds of Winter is going to mark the sixth novel in the historical fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire (the inspiration for the epic series – Game of Thrones) written by the American writer George R. R. Martin. It’s been long since the previous installment – A Dance with Dragons released, and the fans have been highly anticipating the next part.

    The story was intended to cover a large story, but Martin could not accomplish that, leaving many characters and storylines in loose ends and major cliffhangers. Martin has not given any firm updates about the completion of the book but has released several chapters of the book online.

    Owing to the present situation of the COVID19 pandemic, finally, the writer has his own time to finish the highly awaited book after nine years since the last installment released.

    Winter Is Coming Release Date

    George R. R. Martin has been working on the book for long, and this year the fans might get a chance to finally read the book. The arrival of the books is expected by December 2020. Earlier it was speculated to be out at the Worldcon in New Zealand, but that was not possible due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in the world.

    Winter Is Coming Characters

    Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Arianne Martell, Aeron Greyjoy, Theon Greyjoy, Vicatrion Greyjoy, Tyrion Lannister, Barristan Selmy are among some major characters that are described by Martin for his next book. One chapter was excluded from the last part and is being installed in the forthcoming book.

    Winter Is Coming Updates

    Martin revealed that the upcoming installment would take the readers deeper and farther north than any of the previous books, and the ones, in the beginning, would feature the Others. Martin gave some clues that dark nature holds in the book by stating that we have been hearing Winter Is Coming and as Winter is the gloomy time when plants die, and the environment is cold and dark, so nothing happy or good can be expected from the book this time.

    While fans highly await to unravel the mysteries of the story, they are also concerned about the delay because of the COVID19 pandemic, but Martin has assured that this time might even help him to complete the chapters earlier than expected.
    Stay tuned for more updates!


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