Are the Famous Rappers Jaden Smith and Tyler the Creator Dating? Know the Truth About This Controversy!


    Being in the film industry has its own perks and perils. When someone rises to fame and vanity, it gets a bit troublesome for them to reveal something they have kept in hiding from the very start, But from the past few years, so many youngsters have come out of the closet to speak out for themselves. That’s what these two young musicians chose to do.

    The famous 21-year-old rapper Jaden Smith has incited many controversies about his sexuality during several occasions. After the 62nd Grammy Awards, Jaden took on his official twitter handle to express his happiness after the American rapper Tyler the Creator won a Grammy and referred to him as his Boyfriend.


    However, this tweet was soon deleted by Jaden himself due to some unspecific reasons. And this was not the first time that the rapper had spoken about his intimacy with Tyler. During his performance on the stage of Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in November 2019, Jaden apparently revealed a lot about his relationship with Tyler. He said,

    Tyler is my motherf***ing sweetheart. He has been my sweetheart my whole f***ing life.

    Cool, isn’t it?

    Tyler, on the other hand, seemed to be shaking his head in denial while sitting in the audience. After the event, Jaden mentioned Tyler in a tweet saying “I Told Everyone, You Can’t Deny It Now,” to which Tyler responded very inarticulately.

    Jaden Smith has been supportive in the past of such sexual choices as he was seen wearing a skirt at a Louis Vuitton Campaign. Jade was also the first male star to model for women’s wear for the brand.

    Tyler, the Creator, has talked about his sexual interests several times earlier. He had also accepted that he had a boyfriend when he was younger. Some of his songs have led to the speculation of him coming out of the closet.

    However, neither of them have officially announced their relationship. It’s just in the rumors and discussions that the two famous personalities might be together.

    But this is sure that if Jaden is only fooling around with us, then many of the fans will be shattered as their relationship has already received lots of love from the fans. Although hate has come from some people, if they are together, then we hope the best for them. To be gay or in a relationship with a person of the same gender is not a sin, but the choice of the individual.

    So, let’s see when they will finally talk about this heated topic.



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