Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America Expecting to release on September, Does this book explains about US culture and Laws?


    Conditional citizens: on belonging in America is a not fictional book, which is an Autobiography and Biography. This book was written by Laila Lalami, finalist of Pulitzer Prize and also for the national book Award.

    This book is expected to release on  September 22, 2020.

    About the book Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America by Laila Lalami 

    This book is about personal experience, politics, and many things about America that happened in her life. This book is arisen by Lalami Dislike travel from Moroccan to the united states. She had gone through any American culture, in which she cant accept some.

    In the book, she speaks about many things, such as Rights, protection, and laws that are provided for US citizens. She also goes back to history to elaborate on the points she wanted to explain racism, gender, and many more.

    Lalami also shares about her personal experience of sexual harassment at her workplace. She explains about the post 9/11 and also post Trump changes happened in citizenship.

    This book talks about the laws and regulations which help the white to lead a good life and also about caste Discrimination.

    Lalami took these books as a tool to express her feeling and thoughts about the United States government. The rating of the books is 4.4 out of 5.

    About the author: Laila Lalami 

    Laila Lalami was born in 1968; she is a novelist and professor. She completed her studies by studying around the world. She completed her degree in morocco and masters in the united kingdom, Ph.D. in the United States. As she is a Muslim, married to an American, and made travel to the US.

    Her notable works on biography are Hopes and other danger Pursuits, Secret Son, The moor’s account, and The other Americans. Her short story is How I Became My Mother’s Daughter.

    She won some Awards as is “American Book Award” in the year 2015 and Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts in 2016. To know more information, stay connected with union journalism.



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