Emily Gould’s Latest Novel Perfect Tunes is Available in Stores Now! Get the Updates Here!


    Are you a music lover? Are you also a reader? Then we believe that this latest book will be a great choice for you.

    American author and novelist Emily Gould has brought us another novel, and you just can’t take your eyes off it. The musical, literary fiction Perfect Tunes, was published on April 14, 2020. Adorned with great reviews by critics as well as book lovers, it is being read worldwide. The book is about a beautiful and provocative doctrine that if you have ambitions in your life, then there exists nothing which will stop you from achieving them.

    So whether you need motivation in your life or not, you gotta check this book out once through this article.

    The Story of Perfect Tunes

    We all are lucid dreamers with a whole cosmos dwelling inside our minds. Be it a man or a woman; everyone sees dreams of becoming something someday. To be a home-maker is not a shame, but we don’t aim to become one in the first place. The same happened with Laura, a young guitarist set on her musical journey with a guitar in her hands and her best friend by her side. But ultimately, she, in her wild youth, falls in love with someone and then falls deeper in the void of betrayal.

    Years later, her teenage daughter, whom Laura chose over her music career, starts asking about the truth of her father, which makes Laura tongue-tied. What comes next is the will of her daughter and her best friend to get Laura back on the track and make her roam again freely in her dreamland, which was destroyed years ago when she surrendered to her destiny.


    In some way, this book is an ode to motherhood, which proposes that children can also be the one to change the lives of their mothers who work tirelessly and devote their everything for them. This book is about compassion, compromise, ambition, mistakes, hate, love, and finally, the resonances and dissonances of music, which definitely hit a tender place in our hearts.

    Where is the Book Perfect Tunes Available?

    The book was launched just now on April 14, 2020, published by Avid Reader Press and Simon & Schuster. You can get Perfect Tunes from the official website of the publishers, Amazon, Greenlight Bookstore and other online stores. The book will cost you around $26. The 288-pages long book is available in Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle Edition, and Audio-Book.

    We’ve already read some amazing works from Emily Gould like Hex Education (2007) and Friendship (2014). This one is also going with the same course, so don’t wait and get straight into it to read the compelling story of Laura and her life.




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