Top billionaires in the World !! Know how this is calculated and which companies are at the top of the list!!


    The richest people are ranked according to their net worth, which will be released by American business magazine Forbes on every year of March.

    The Net worth is calculated, the person how much he has amount ( estimated in dollars), and their assets, which must be legally they own.


    According to April 2020 report of richest persons, The top 10 was

    1. Jeff Bezos  (113 billion dollars)                –  Amazon
    2.  Bill Gates (98 billion dollars)                   – Microsoft
    3.  Bernard Arnault (76 billion dollars)           – LVMH
    4. Warren Buffet (67.5 billion Dollars)            – Berkshire Hathaway
    5. Larry Ellison ( 59 billion dollars)                 – oracle corporation
    6. Amancio Ortega (55.1 billion dollars)          – Inditex, Zara
    7.  Mark Zuckerberg (54.7 billion dollars)        – Facebook
    8.  Jim Walton (54.6 billion dollars)                 –  Walmart
    9.  Alice Walton ( 54.4 billion dollars)              –  Walmart
    10.  S.Robson Walton (54.1 billion dollars)         – Walmart.

    From the past four years, bill gates are in the First three positions. Mark Zuckerberg is the first person to be in the top 10 richest people to be below 50 years.

    How are billionaires listed:

    Forbes company makes the team and divide, allow to move for a particular country. This team will make a list of people suitable for the ranking system. Each team Tracks the Wealthiest person and approaches the to Know more about their wealth by interviewing.

    The company has the details of each Rich person of  Estimation value. This estimation value is made by the valuable Asset, the richest person owns. The Asset may be Land, home, cars, and many more. Before the month of publishing of detail, Forbes teams will calculate the shares they own. As the Share market fluctuates continuously.

    All this information and estimation of the amount in Denoted in US dollars. From Highest to Least, ranking is made by their information and published every year of March. Up to now, 34 lists of Billionaires had been published.

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