Charlie Cox aka Daredevil Reacts Daredevil Appearance in MCU Spider man 3 Might Be Possible, But He isn’t the One


    The appearance of Daredevil in an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spiderman 3 has recently become the talks of town, and several fans are already convinced that the superhero vigilante will eventually show up in the sequel. However, there isn’t any official confirmation from the studios or any linked actors from the upcoming film. Now, the actor who portrayed Daredevil on Netflix, Charlie Cox, finally broke his silence and reacted towards the rumors.

    Charlie Cox recently appeared in an interview with through a Zoom video call and talked about his possible appearance in Marvel movies. The actor claimed that his character, aka Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, won’t appear in the Marvel movies. He also further revealed that if Sony and Marvel plan to include Daredevil in the upcoming Spiderman film, it won’t be the Hell’s Kitchen vigilante character that appeared in streaming giant Netflix for three seasons before cancellation.

    Charlie Cox told that the rumors don’t involve his character, and he won’t be appearing in the film; instead, it would be another actor. However, the actor later told that he would love to be with his character and share screen with Tom Holland in any of future Marvel projects. He also revealed that he would like the idea of featuring as a lawyer and advising Peter Parker.

    As per the complicated deal between Marvel and Netflix, the characters from the Daredevil show can’t be featured in any non-Netflix shows or any other feature films at least for two years. The series was canceled in 2018, and the condition has been fulfilled. So, if we can’t see Daredevil in 2021 Spiderman 3, then we can possibly wait until Disney-Marvel revives the show in their recently launched streaming platform, Disney Plus. The chances of show’s revival are higher because the Netflix previously confirmed that there are a lot of stories to tell about the Hell’s Kitchen vigilante and the character would appear in future projects for Marvel.




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