Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It: Release Date, Trailer and more. Latest updates!


    For the horror movie hits, The Conjuring comes in the top 10. We all love the series it has and the relations with Annabelle and The Nun. It is up for renewal of season 3.

    This series focuses on the real-life paranormal investigator’s Ed and Lorraine Warren. Audiences were first introduced to Warren’s terrifying cases with 2013’s The Conjuring. Upon its release, it got the scariest movie of the year title.

    As we know that James Wan directed the first two entries, but Michael chafes will handle the upcoming installment. Leads, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will return to reprise their respective roles as the warrens.

    Conjuring 3 Expectations

    A specific synopsis has not yet been released. But Conjuring 3 will focus on a murder trial where demonic possession used as a legal defense. We sort of had relations with nun and Annabelle, and their stories were amazingly made as separate movies.

    During a Cinema con presentation today, Warner brothers confirmed the release. Both entries took place in 1970. 1980 is for conjuring 3.

    Conjuring 3 Release Date

    The production started in summer’19 and has a release date for fall 2020: 11th September. This third installment is releasing four years after conjuring 2. This is the longest gap between the earlier entries. The production began just in time for promotions. While one won be directing, he’ll have involvement as a producer.

    Conjuring 3 Trailer


    The Conjuring series has been a massive hit in the world of horror films since its inception in 2013. A lot of that deserves credit the conveyance of tone and genuine terror.

    With the step back as the director, we do not know if it’ll impact the third entry. Whether James can fill the void wan left, it’s on the fans to decide. But he is helping with the curse of la Lorna so moviegoers will get to see what he has to offer. Not much is known regarding the cast of the movie, but updates will be frequent.

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