Ciara and Russell Wilson are having a baby!? Here’s everything you need to know! Latest updates!


    Babies are a blessing to parents. Ciara and Russell Wilson told us that very well. Ciara is pregnant with the second baby of Wilson. They are already taking care of two kids’, five-year-old Future Jr. from her last relationship and two-year-old Sienna from Wilson.

    On Tuesday the family revealed, they have expected another child. With the celebration, they told us it is a boy, and soon with a video, they revealed the gender on social media.

    How did they disclose the gender?

    The family is very excited to welcome the new member. Ciara asked Future Jr. what he wants, and he replies, “he wants a boy” then she asks their daughter what she wants next baby to be, innocently she replied “a girl.”

    Ciara asked her husband Russell Wilson what he wants their baby to be, and his answer was, “you know what I want it to be,” turning the table around when Wilson asked Ciara happily what she wants, the answer was very manipulative “whatever God has for us.”

    After asking every family member of their choices, they burst the pops that had blue color indicating a baby boy. The family then danced and enjoyed their own company. Even in this dark situation of the coronavirus outbreak, the family discovered a moment of immense joy.

    The Reaction of the fans

    We cannot interfere in someone’s personal space, but things have been getting worse since they are opening it on social media and telling everyone about it. Though most fans are incredibly delighted to get to know all about the good news, many have also expressed and made an attempt to spread negativity all over their social media platform.


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