Jaden Smith confirms he is gay and dating Tyler the Creator? Here’s everything you need to know!


    Being open about gender as well as relationship is not so hard in today’s world because people are accepting the reality and keeping it with them. And that’s why many people frequently talked about being gay or lesbian, whether it is a normal person or even a celebrity. If we talked about celebrities, then the recent revelation of gender was of Is Jaden Smith Gay and dating Tyler the Creator.

    All About Jaden Smith

    Jaden Christopher Syre Smith is a 21-year-old American rapper, model, and famously known for his acting. He acted in films like The Pursuit of Happyness and The Karate Kid. He is also known for his modeling career and his rap. And the recent statement by Tyler the creator has caused many fans to wonder, Is Jaden Smith Gay?

    All About Tyler, the Creator

    Tyler, the Creator whose real name is Tyler Gregory Okonma, is an American rapper and songwriter. He is also a designer and has directed some music videos. He won the Grammy 2020 for Best Rap Album for Igor. He is also a record producer who won awards like Brit and Wall Street Journal.

    The relationship between Jaden Smith and Tyler, the Creator

    In Grammy 2020, which was held in Staples Center in Los Angeles, Tyler won the Best Rap Album for Igor. To celebrate this achievement of Tyler, Jaden wrote: “My boyfriend just won a Grammy.” These words of Jaden created a storm in the world.

    Well, it was not the first time that Jaden is confessing his love for Tyler. Jaden in Camp Flog Naw said that “Tyler would not say, anyway, Tyler is my beau, and he has been my sweetheart my total life. It is valid! Tyler is my Sweetheart“. He even tweeted about this, but people took it as a joke between Tyler and Jaden, but soon they discovered that it was not just a mere joke.

    It’s not that Jaden has fallen in love the first time. He dated Sarah Synder from 2015 till 2017, but they broke up due to cheating in a relationship.  In Smith’s debut album Syre, some songs were influenced by her.

    Jaden always expressed his gender and was always proud, whereas Tyler seems to be more private, he only revealed it through his song where it was written that Tyler has been in a relationship with boys at the age of 14. Jaden is so open about his gender that he modeled for Luis Vuitton‘s Female collection.


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