Jaden Smith dying? What his parents has to say? Find out everything! Latest updates here!


    The health issue is something that can’t be avoided. Any illness or suffering of health disease never looks up at the religion, caste, beggar, or celebrity; it attacks everyone. Something like this happened in Hollywood, and that person is none other than Jaden Smith.

    Jaden Smith, an American actor and rapper who also did modeling many times. Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, normally as Jaden is the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Jaden is also a singer and a songwriter, but he is famously known for his early acting career in films like The Pursuit of Happyness with his father, Will Smith. He is also famously known for his great role in The Karate Kid with Jackie Chan. Recently Jaden was surrounded by the news of his health, and many even declared that he is dying, so is this true? Let’s figure it out.

    Jaden Smith

    The health issue of Jaden Smith

    The 21-year-old actor and rapper, Jaden Smith, is suffering from nutrition unbalance. Recently he was looking pale as well as grey and thin too. He is malnourished, weak, and started getting dark circles under his eyes, which were really not a good sign. In Red Table Talk, Will Smith confirmed this issue of his son, where he talked about Jaden’s health and how they can bring back Jaden’s life to normal.

    Will Smith (left) and Jaden Smith (right).

    How did it all start?

    Jaden turned to a vegan and was taking a diet of vegan. This transformation did not help him much but it actually made him sick. He started having a lack of Vitamin D, Omega 3, and Vitamin B12. Jaden even hospitalized in Australia due to his health. People even started offering Jaden food and water due to his ill health.

    For the betterment of Jaden’s health, his parents hired nutrition experts Dr. Mark Hyman as well as Mona Sharma who is also a nutrition specialist. He recently changed his diet of vegan from vegetarian which will help him. As per the nutrition specialist, his health will soon be okay if he will follow the proper given diet and plan.


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