Jaden Smith Is Dying? Know More About His Major Life Threatening Health Issue. Latest Updates!


    During the Red Table Talk, The Smith Family Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. They discussed the deteriorating health issues of their son Jaden Smith.

    Jaden Smith’s Health

    The 21yr old Rapper and Actor’s health started deteriorating after he shifted his diet from vegetarian to an all-vegan diet. His health issues surfaced back in September in Australia when he was hospitalized due to severe weakness. Jaden Smith even said that whenever he went, people would ask him whether he is sick or not. They would even offer him water and food. He looked weak and very malnourished. He had dark circles around his eyes.

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    The family even arranged an intervention for him to discuss some measures to bring his health back to normal. They even hired Dr.Mark Hayman and nutritionist Mona Sharma to do a more in-depth analysis of his health problems. They analyzed that he had Omega 3, Vitamin B12, & Vitamin D deficiency.

    Jaden was initially retaliating the overreaction he was getting by everyone. But with some encouragement from his father Will, he agreed to approach the medical experts. Eventually, he listened to the doctors and followed their instructions to improve his diet. All his deficiency as a result of sensitivity to all gluten-free and milk-based diet. And also the lack of meat and fish in the hie diet.

    Jaden Smith’s Diet Now

    Well, now it is safe to assume that Jaden Smith will continue to have a balanced diet and will take care of his health. And will not be subjected to another intervention by his family. We just hope he takes care of his health and become his best self again.

    Smith returned to acting again in 2017 in a Netflix original The Get-Away and also as a voice-over actor in an anime Neo Yokio, also another Netflix original.


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