Lil Nas X: Net worth, Past, Career, Thoughts, Upcoming Song and more. Latest Updates!


    The American singer, rapper, and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia Lil Nas X came up with a song in 2018 ‘Old Town Road,’ which peaked at number one on Billboard Hot 100. A 20-year-old boy holds the net worth of $ 4 million. Strange but not impossible hard work can lead to anything!

    The past of Lil Nas X 

    Putting some light on his past life – his parents divorced when he was just six and he lived with his mother and grandmother at the Bankhead Court Housing Project. He was outstanding in playing trumpet and even became the first chair in his junior high years. But soon he dropped playing it for the sake of looking ‘uncool’.

    The career of Lil Nas X

    In 2018, Lil Nas X released ‘Old Town Road’, which got viral in 2019 due to the ‘yeehaw challenge’ meme on TikTok. Somethings are about reference or out of the box; he wrote very differently from the regular life we live. ‘Old Town Road’ is about a cowboy and country references which gave him the popularity.

    Country music star Billy Ray Cyrus also supported him on his song, and it was featured as vocalist in a remix of the song in April 2019. Soon it was announced, he broke Drake’s record for the most US stream in one week. The song had 143 million streams in a week.

    What can we learn from growing star?

    Always be curious; being excited to know more can lead you to the place which you ever dreamt of.

    You cannot buy true happiness; you cannot actually buy the real you, real joy stays in you no money can buy it.

    You should never stop learning, there are things a child can also teach us what we can’t even imagine always try to learn.

    Upcoming song of Lil Nas X

    He tweeted his upcoming song will be aired on February 30. An  April fool prank it was! Fans are still waiting for a new hit from this popular artist.


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