Networth of Jay Z : Is he really a BIillionaire? Everything about Jay Z and his wife Beyonce!


    Everyone dream of becoming a billionaire, whether it is the laborers, businessman, or celebrities. Not everyone born as a billionaire; it’s their work that made them so. The hard work, sweat, blood, sleepless night, struggles, and courage defined their status and built them so. One such person or a celebrity is Jay Z.

    Jay Z, whose real name is Shawn Corey Carter is an American rapper. He is not just a rapper but a songwriter, record producer, and executive, as well as a businessman. He is one of the best rappers of not just Hollywood but all over the world. He, as a rapper, started his music career in 1995. He married an American singer and dancer, Beyonce, in 2008 and now has three children with her. Being so productive and talented, there must be some amount that he earns every year.

    So here a question arises that what could be the possible net worth of such a great rapper and a businessman? Let’s discuss this.

    Jay Z

    The Networth of Jay Z

    The 50-year-old American rapper who has hands in entertainment labels, alcohol brands, clothing lines, and sports clubs earn a lot of money, which he deserves to get. His net worth is $1 billion, and that’s what makes him count in Top 2000 billionaire of the world where he owns the position of 1990.

    He is the hip-hop artist’s first billionaire. His money and being a rich man is not the new thing. When he married Beyonce in 2011, then the wedding ring of Beyonce was $5 million. The house that they own is $88 million.

    Jay Z (left) with his wife Beyonce (right).

    More about Jay Z and Beyonce.

    Jay Z as a rapper gained a lot of success. His first album was Blueprint (2001) followed by many albums, like The Black Album (2003), American Gangster(2007), 4:44 (2017), Everything is Love (2018) with Kanye West and Beyonce.

    Jay Z and Beyonce with their daughter.


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