UK PM Boris Johnson CURED from Coronavirus and Back to Office but People Believes He is Still BREATHLESS


    The prime minister of the United Kingdom returned to his office after nearly a fortnight out of the action. Mr. Boris Johnson arrived at Downing Street to continue his duty as the prime minister after recovering from deadly coronavirus. But, the people are suggesting that he should take rest for some more time because he might not be healed completely.

    The PM of the United Kingdom was admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital in central London after he developed the symptoms of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Mr Johnson reportedly spent a week in hospital after he was admitted on April, 5. He received a regular oxygen treatment after he suffered shortness and complications in breathing. The 55-year-old minister also was admitted to the intensive care unit for reported three nights.

    The health condition improved, and he was discharged from the hospital on 12 April. The medical personnel responsible for the treatment of PM claimed that the condition had gone either way, and he is perfectly fine. He then spent his convalescence at Chequers—the country house for the prime minister of the UK.

    Dominic Raab has been handling the prime minister’s work at his absence, and the now-recovered prime minister is set to chair the war cabinet for the coronavirus on Monday. However, the people don’t want him to return for the work as they still believe he is breathless and hasn’t fully recovered from the virus. When Boris Johnson recently appeared for the Downing Street press conference, people noticed that he was still unhealthy and was short of breath.

    The people took to twitter and asked him to go back to the bed because he should go back if he needs as nobody would object him for doing so. Also, many applauded his return, and we’re glad that he can perform his duties.

    On Thursday, the PM announced that the country has already passed the peak for the coronavirus outbreak, and the country is currently on a downward slope. However, the prime minister didn’t talk about uplifting the public gathering restrictions and stopping lockdown.





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