[Update: 05/22/20] Destiny 2 Where is Xur This Week? Location & Inventory: Complete Guide


    Despite the first Destiny game didn’t go that well among the fans, the developers worked really hard to provide engaging gameplay and appealing graphics to hook you through the screens of your gaming consoles for hours just playing Destiny 2. Destiny 2 was critically acclaimed and received praise from gamers for making a more robust story and emphasizing more on exploration around the game’s world.

    where is xur

    Well, there are enough things one can do inside the game’s world, commonly referred to as—European Dead Zone, IO, Titan, and Nessus or (in the Tower). The world depicted in the video game has been tormented by various alien races, and there is only one safe city on the entire planet. The group of warriors called Guardians protects this Last City—the players assume the role of a Guardian—who yields an extraordinary power called Light to protect the city from impending danger.

    where is xur

    Destiny 2 Gameplay

    The warlord Dominus Ghaul leads a group of alien races called the Cabal, attacks the Last City, and in the process, stripes all the Guardians with their power, Light. Now the player has to take the role of Guardian and set on a journey to find a way to regain their lost power—light—and then ultimately defeat Ghaul to keep the Last City safe once again. The players in a game utilize various weaponry and special powers to reach their goal, but in doing so, every player waits for this specific time-period every week when an agent of the Nine—Xur arrives and help players in their enhancements.

    where is xur

    Xur Location This Week in Destiny 2?

    Xur is undoubtedly the most beloved characters for the players because he exchanges various exotic weapons, exotic armors, and consumables for legendary shards. So, if this guy is a delightful vendor, then where is Xur actually? Well, Xur never stays at the same location; in fact, his location changes every week and appear in the public area of any of the four worlds in the game. Xur only appears on the weekends between 9 am UTC on Friday, and 9 am UTC on Tuesday, which is also the time for weekly reset where various aspects of game changes.

    Xur last appeared on IO at Giant Scar. The items Xur was selling last time were—D.A.R.C.I [Exotic Sniper Rifle], The Sixth Coyote [Exotic Hunter Chest Armor], Dunemarchers [Exotic Titan Leg Armor], Claws of Ahamkara [Exotic Warlock Gauntlet].


    Where is Xur this week? And What is he selling this time around?

    Well, here comes the day of the week for which all of you—Destiny 2 enthusiasts—have been waiting all long. Like always, Xur will be at any of the four worlds inside the game starting right from this hour and will hang out till Tuesday. The hard-core fans have already grabbed their joystick and gaming consoles to look around the guy so that he could hand you some of the exotic weapons and armors. But if you don’t wish to go through that—we’ve got your back. So the question is—where is Xur this week?

    Xur has already appeared and is on Nessus at Watchers Grave on the Barge. Xur will leave the location on May 19, so grab your sticks and go find him.

    And What is Xur selling this week?

    Like always, if you locate XUr it’s certain that you will have your hands on some of the exotic weapons or armors. So if you have enough legendary shards then you can exchange the following items with the vendor; which are—Cerebus+1 (Exotic Auto Rifle), Celestial Nighthawk (Exotic Hunter Helmet), Mask of the Quiet One (Exotic Titan Helmet), and Karnstein Armlets (Exotic Warlock Gauntlets).

    Mask of the Quiet One
    Karnstein Armlets
    Celestial Nighthawk