Brooklyn Nine-Nine has come back with Season-6 on Netflix ! How excited are Brooklyn fans?? What are the new add ons?? Know them all here!!


    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a humorous show with good levels of wit. Season 6, as we all know, has come online on January 10, 2019. The show saw the end on May 16, 2019. Also, it proves to be the first-ever season to be aired on NBC.

    And for the Netflix binge-watchers, this show is there on it since March 28, 2020. As many people like watching stuff on Netflix, this one has proved to be a breath of relief for many!

    However, it has been there for a short interval of time on air!


    The story starts when Holt makes out that he is no more the commissioner. John Kelly has taken that place and is ruling now. He loved his profession and is facing huge levels of depression. Unlike the previous commissioner Holt, the new one is proving to be bad.

    He is not caring enough about the people and does whatever he wants to. Nevertheless, Jake and Amy encourage him to stand up to Kelly’s regressive policies. Holt makes everybody understand that Kelly is doing wrong.

    Amy and Jake decide whether to have a baby at this time or postpone it. Terry passed the Lieutenant’s exam and won the “Conci de Mayo” for the first time after all she had prepared very hard with a lot of attentiveness.

    On the other hand, Jake and Holt also find out the application Kelly is using. The app is an anonymous tip app. This app does no good. It taps the entire population and is trying to make them all recruit old enemies.

    Jake and Wuntch use their commonsense and fake a kidnap scene dramatically. Kelly gets suspended for good, and Wuntch becomes the present acting commissioner.


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