Confirmed: Kim Jong-Un is Dead; North Korean Defector Confirms The Death News is 99% True


    Multiple reports surfaced all over the Internet, claiming that the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un has died after a surgery mishap. But also in the same, few other reports are claiming that the dictator is alive and well—because the country hasn’t announced any news regarding the death of their leader.

    A vice-director from a Hong Kong-based news broadcast company initially reported the death of Kim Jong-Un, citing the news that came from a very solid source. There was also different news from a Japanese magazine that the leader was in a vegetative state after unsuccessful medical treatment.

    Now, another report has surfaced, claiming that the dictator is 99 percent dead due to botched surgery. The report was put forward by a North Korean defector who now works as a lawmaker in South Korea. Ji Seong-ho reported to a local news company called Yonhap News Agency that the dictator has died, and the country will announce the apparent death in the coming weeks.

    South Korea recently concluded election on April 15 amid coronavirus pandemic. Ji Seong-ho received a representation seat on behalf of the minor party in the election. He reported the news outlet that he had been informed that the dictator had died last week, and he is 99% confident about that. However, Ji Seong-ho refused to reveal his source, and his information cannot be confirmed in any way. He told that Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Kim Jong-Un, would take the responsibilities of her brother, should he die due to cardiovascular surgery.

    Kim Jong-Un suffered a heart attack while he was traveling the countryside, outside of the capital and was admitted to the hospital in the Mount Kumgang resort county, Hyangsan. The surgeon who performed his surgery had a shaky hand and consequently botched the surgery.

    North Korea’s state news agency on Saturday claimed that the leader appeared in public for the first time in weeks, but the news looked made-up as the report couldn’t be independently verified. The images from Kim’s public appearance were also released, but the independent news agency couldn’t verify other than a state-controlled news agency.


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