CONFIRMED! The Famous American Show How to Get Away with Murder will Not Have A Season 7! Get the Latest Updates Here!


    The sixth season of ABC’s thrilling American television series How to Get Away with Murder is reaching its finale, and the fans have held their breaths to see what’s gonna happen next. Moreover, huge anticipation for season 7 has also been seen among the viewers even before the Season 6 ends. So does the show has a seventh season in making? Let’s figure out!

    How to Get Away with Murder Season 7

    Unluckily, How to Get Away with Murder won’t be returning for another season. Yes! After the showrunners renewed the series for season 6 on May 10, 2019, there were rumors that this might be the final season for the show. It was later confirmed on July 11, 2019, that this would the last time when we’ll see Annalise and her team on the screen.

    The show’s creator Peter Norwalk said in an interview:

    Deciding to end this series was a brutal decision, but ultimately the story tells you what to do- as it did here.

    The end of HTGAWM will leave behind only two shows, which are Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 for ABC as the famous sitcom Modern Family has also ended recently.

    Season 6 of HTGAWM premiered on September 25, 2019. It will have 15 episodes, just like the previous installments, 12 of which have already been released. Thus, we still have three last episodes until we say our farewell to this show on May 14, 2020.

    The Story of HTGAWM Season 6 until now

    Spoilers Ahead!

    With the reveal of Emmet’s death and Laurel’s sudden disappearance, fans deduced at the very start of this season that it’s going to be a finale-worthy one. We saw Gabriel with the FBI reopening an old case and convicting the Keating 5 and Annalise for the murder of Sam Keating, Annalise’s ex-husband.

    With such a ruckus going around, the Keating 5 realizes that it was Asher who snitched them and let all this happen by being an FBI Informant! We later find him dead in front of Gabriel’s house.

    At the end of the first episode, we saw Annalise’s Funeral in a flashforward scene! This has been the thing that was troubling and unnerving the fans with the question “Is Annalise Really Dead?”

    The answer to this question is still unknown, as each episode covers a completely different plot twist. At first, we saw Annalise planning to fake her own death, and then we saw Wes appearing at Annalise’s funeral in another flashforward sequence. Too much to take in, right?

    In the latest episode, “Let’s Hurt Him,” we also lost Xavier as Nate kills him by snapping his neck to prevent him from witnessing on Annalise’s behalf.

    The upcoming episodes titled “What if Sam Wasn’t the Bad Guy This Whole Time?”, “Annalise Keating is Dead” and “Stay” will now discover more thrilling plot twists as we get closer to Annalise’s possible death and the show’s ultimate end.

    Who Has Returned for Season 6?

    The main cast of the show has remained persistent in coming back for season 6. This includes Viola Davis as Annalise, Billy Brown as Nate, Jack Falahee as Connor, Rome Flynn as Gabriel, Cornard Ricamora as Oliver, and Liza Well as Bonnie.

    For the supporting and guest cast, we saw Gerardo Velasco as Xavier, Emily Bergl as Sally, Esai Morales as Jorge Castillo, and many more.

    How to Get Away With Murder has been one of the most-watched and top-rated shows since its initial release in 2014. It is just not a show but a platform that stands for the LGBTQ+ community and breaks all the racial and sexual stereotypes. Viola Davis’s performance has also received great appreciation for multiple times in the show’s run.

    This show has given its viewers something very unique and real. To say goodbye to such a brilliant show shatters the fans from within, but we can still look forward to seeing a hell of a finale this May 2020.


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