‘Divergent’ author Veronica Roth’s movie ‘Chosen Ones’ confirmed!! Know the latest gossips, rumors and many fan theories here!


    Veronica is an amazing author with her very impressive skills in engaging the reader. Her first-ever adult novel Chosen Ones is going to be converted into a movie!

    She has fans all around the World, so no doubt her movie is going to have a lot of demand and viewers. Among her amazing and the best selling works, there is the novel Divergent too.

    However, Veronica has given the rights of Chosen Ones to the really good Erik Feig’s company Picture Start.

    Moreover, Feig decided to buy the rights of the film when he was at the post of head of Summit Entertainment. Along with the directors of Divergent, he is going to produce this new great movie. Moreover, Pouvya Shahbazian will also be producing the movie. We have no doubt with such amazing crew members; the movie will be a big hit.

    Sloane Andrews is supposedly the protagonist in the book. Taking the help of the four main lead teenagers, he defeats the villain. They are so famous and known for their greatness that people have started calling them Famous Five! However, media hovers over them all the time, not leaving enough personal space.

    7 April is the date when this novel released.


    The Dark one is the name of the enemy who has destroyed the World.

    Clandestine Government sets the five teenagers, namely- Sloane, Matt, Albie, and Esther, on a new goal. These teens are extraordinary, smart, and strong.

    Humankind is celebrating the teens for their good work while feeling sad and mourning for the lost ones.

    Ten years down the line, the four teens are still being called great. The World is slowly forgetting the past and moving on. Likewise, teens also forget about the past. But, Sloane is finding it impossible to forget the days of endless fear and struggles.

    She is not able to forget when the media followed her everywhere.

    However, here comes the big twist! Dark One never departed and is back to take over the reign.



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