“Solo Leveling Season 2”: The Updates On Release Date, Plot, Cast Among Others Is Intact Here!!!


    Many of us are quite addicted to anime series on the web series network and you know that ‘Solo Levelling’ is one of the most amazing anime web series. The series is quite interesting and has earned a huge fan base in the first season itself. After the arrival of the first season, the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of another season as well.

    So, here we have good information for all the fan base of the respective series. The series is going to continue its story further with another season. Seeking through the information, it is noted that season 2 is soon going to release in the current year 2020. This news has taken the fan’s excitement one more level up.

    Release Date Of Season 2

    "Solo Leveling Season 2": The Updates On Release Date, Plot, Cast Among Others Is Intact Here!!!

    Season 2 of the respective series is soon going to premier on the screens of its original network. The season was expected to arrive somewhat in May of the current year 2020. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the release date has been shifted. So, there is no confirmed release date out.

    Who’s Expected In Cast?

    In the previous season, Jo Byung-Gyu, Park Hee Jin, Go Joon-Hee, Hwang Chi-Yeul, etc. were founded as the cast. So, we can hope the return of the whole cast again. However, there is no confirmed cast announced yet for season 2 of the series, so we can also hope to see some new members as well.

    What Could We Expect As The Plot?

    As followed by the first season, there we have seen two gates, which were leading to brighter and darker worlds, respectively. However, there is no information revealed regarding the plot of the season. But we can hope for nothing but the best this time as well.


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