Knights Of Sidonia Season 3: Release Date, Plot and everything you need to know about the first anime bought by Netflix!


    A lot of you must have seen Knights of Sidonia season 3 or Sidonia no Kishi series. Surely, if you’ve seen this series, then we know you are a huge fan of it.

    Knights of Sidonia is an anime series. It gradually earned popularity. And a novel adaptation series was written by Tsutomu Nihei in 2009, ‘Sidonia no Kishi.’ It has two seasons that have already released.  Fans are waiting for the third installation of the series. The curiosity of its story and plot is at its peak.

    All About Knights Of Sidonia Season 3

    The first season aired on April 10, 2014, and had twelve episodes. Following the popularity gained by season one, season two also released. It aired on April 10, 2015, with the same episode number as ‘Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine.’

    Owing to its popularity, it’s the first anime that Netflix for exclusive streaming.

    Knights Of Sidonia Season 3 Plot

    The storyline was about time travel to a thousand years in the future. Earth is considered as an extinct planet. It gets destroyed by aliens, called Gauna. The year is 3394, and the last species of humans left comprises around 5 lac of people. They used the remains of the planet. Humans made spaceships in order to survive. Season two showed the fight between humans and aliens, as suggested by the earth. If this happens, then it’s a delight for the fans of anime world!

    We are sure there will be some news in the near future one such spaceship is Sidonia. It has to face hardships as they are attacked by monstrous aliens. That, too, for unknown reasons. The only weapon to protect them is Gardens. Humans keep creating techniques for survival. They are human cloning, asexual reproduction, and human genetic engineering.

    Nagate Tanikaze plays a crucial role throughout the series. He is the savior of Sidonia and who lives with his grandfather underground.

    Knights Of Sidonia Season 3 Release Date

    Two seasons in a span of two years gave fans a pretty obvious season to hope for season 3 in 2016. Regrettably, it did not happen.

    Season two aired on Netflix in American in July 2015. However, even Netflix has no information about season three.

    The first season was an adaptation of five novels. The second season was the adaptation from volume five to ten. It left with a lot of unanswered questions at the climax.

    The producer’s polygon pictures have announced the release but not the date. We believe that the series will go on for another two to three seasons. There is a possibility of a movie on the Knights of Sidonia. This is because Netflix has first time showed interest in an anime series.

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