The Kingkiller Chronicle: The Door Of Stone Book – Release Date, Plot and more. Latest Updates!


    Our most famous book, The Kingkiller Chronicle series, is going to finish. Final and last part of this series The door of stone is coming. According to sources, it is going to land on august, 2020. But there is no confirmation yet because everything is disturbed due to COVID-19.

    The last part of this series received 3.5 stars out of 10. So the author said that, despite this rating, it worked fine and loved by many fans, we know it is a fact and truth. American author of chronicle series Patrick Rothfuss is an American author who always gives his best to fans. The novel is published by Daw.

    Patrick Rothfuss

    The Kingkiller Chronicle Plot

    Its first part was The name of the wild, which was liked by so many fans. In the upcoming story, we will see the life and tragedy of Kvothe, and we can also see the arc story. The story is related to man’s journey and travel who is king for himself. The upcoming door of stone is an epic fantasy novel where a man gives up all his fear.

    Currently, Rothfuss is busy with dungeons and dragons project, and he needs at least one year’s time to complete The Door of Stone, but we know that work is going on since 2011 on this series. The Chronicle series gave him a lot of prizes like the Quill award.

    The Kingkiller Chronicle Release Date

    After COVID-19 pandemic and some critics, it will be hard to rewrite it, but it will arrive, it is sure because fans are demanding more. The upcoming part is going to provide more travel, fight, drama, dialogue, and so on. So for the fans, all they need to do is wait for further upcoming information regarding the release date because we know that story has not been ended yet.


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